Millerton Lake Summer Styled Engagement Session – Fresno Engagement Photographer

May 15, 2020

One thing I never considered when I started my photography business was the friendships I would make, especially those friendships with OTHER photographers. I mean, they are supposed to be my competition right? How can I be friends with someone who might steal my clients? Here’s the thing, there are enough clients to go around, and not every client will be a perfect match with every photographer. I believe in finding the right photographer for YOU the client. My thinking isn’t uncommon, it is what has allowed for some amazing friendships to be cultivated.

A lot of the photography community believes in something we call #communityovercompetition. It’s just simply the belief that yes, there are enough clients to go around. Photographers can be friends and work together as well as help each other learn and grow. I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s a simple philosophy.

This styled summer shoot is the product of that philosophy. Sara Glantz from First Glanz Photography started a local Central Valley Photographers community. It allows us to connect and be there for each other. She also hosts completely free styled shoots from time to time. This sizzling summer shoot was the first one I attended and my first time meeting Sara in person.

Styled Shoots allow photographers to be more creative than a typical photo session, we get to dress and “style” the subjects. There is usually less pressure and you are freer to try new things and techniques. Participating in a styled session alongside other photographers also allows you to see their shooting styles and learn from them.

I have wanted to photograph a sexier, moodier couples session and never had the chance to do so prior to this shoot. Sara’s vision for this was perfect. Amy and Jeff were amazing models and great sports getting into the water for us and dealing with the heat (it was a hot August day). Thank you to Sara and everyone that made this styled shoot possible.

I can not wait to do a summer lake session again!

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