Yosemite Taft Point Sunset Photography – Couples Anniversary Session

June 8, 2021

I will ALWAYS say yes to a photo session in Yosemite National Park. Mention Taft Point and I am probably already in my car driving to the location. Yosemite will always have my heart.

When I found out that Jeff and Katie got married at Tenaya Lodge over 14 years ago I knew we had to do their couples session in Yosemite National Park. Jeff contacted me and he was so excited, he knew he had to do it for Katie to get some “epic” portraits. I do not think that Taft Point disappointed, I mean, how could it?

You just can not beat the painted Yosemite skies!

I can’t wait to do their portraits in another 15 years!

Yosemite Taft Point Couples Session

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