St John’s Cathedral Wedding – Fresno Wedding Photographer

September 10, 2021

Edith and Juan are married! These two originally planned their wedding then postponed because of Covid. As the day approached and some restrictions were lifted they decided to continue with their wedding only 1 week before the date! So much to do and plan, and they didn’t have a photographer. Edith reached out to me and we both knew we would be a great fit. With 1 week’s notice, we got to work on planning her timeline and visiting the venue for her rehearsal.

I’m so glad that everything came together beautifully and these two chose me to photograph their day.

Typically churches have strict rules for where a photographer can go and what they can do. St John’s Cathedral is no exception to the rule and has some of the more strict photography guidelines in the Fresno area. I always speak with the church coordinator and get the rules before the ceremony so that I know I am honoring and respecting their wishes.

We chose to add a second photographer at the last minute, which I think is a MUST for this venue. St John’s will allow a photographer to be up on the altar, in a certain spot, but you are unable to move from that location. However, it leads to some amazing photos that we could not get otherwise.

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception site, R Wedding House’s The Alli-V. Such a cute rustic venue so close to the church.

How sweet is this neon sign from Two Little Doves?

Thank you Edith and Juan for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

Church St John’s Cathedral Fresno

Venue R Wedding and Events, The Alli-V

Neon Sign Two Little Doves

Dress Maggie Sotero

Flowers Rosie’s Flowers

Hair and Make-up Glammed up

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